Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fishing on Pier 60 at Clearwater

    Clearwater was outstanding!  Seriously outstanding!  This year I went to Tampa and Clearwater again but this time with my mom and my dad. I went back to the Dali Museum again, and even saw new exhibits!  If you go to Tampa, Clearwater, or St.Petersburg, I highly recommend The Dali Museum.

Since we couldn't find a party boat because all of them were getting used for something, we went to a pier at the Clearwater Marina called Pier 60.  I wanted to go on a boat because I thought that what USUALLY happens is boats give you more chances to catch fish.  Turns out, that doesn't have to be true.

     Once I got to the pier, I rented a pole with two hooks and bought live shrimp so the bait would be fresher.  A volunteer there, Tom, told me to cut the heads and tails off the shrimp, and cut the meat pieces into small bite sizes. I did what he said and put pieces on both my hooks and dropped the line into the water.  Right away the fish were nibbling!  I got a bite and I reeled it in.  I caught a jack!  I was happy that I got to catch at least one fish.  I re-baited my hooks and dropped the line back in the water.  I suddenly felt nibbling and and a strong tug!  I finally got it out of the water to realize I HAD 2 FISH ON THE HOOKS!  They were both pinfish!




    For the next three hours, it continued like that. I was amazed, confused, and excited. Fish after fish after fish!  Then I felt a strong fish on my line!  I was trying to bring it up and I did!  It was a blue runner! After three hours, I had caught 29 fish, and I had run out of shrimp.  I hoped to catch one more to make 30, so Tom gave me some pieces of squid.

   Unfortunately, I didn't catch number 30.  But still, I was so happy to have caught 29 fish!  That equals 40 fish in Clearwater!  Eleven last year on the Queen Fleet and 29 this year at Pier 60.  What was funny was that until today, the most fish I caught in a day was the 11 on the Queen Fleet - which is also in Clearwater!

So these are the tips and tricks I think you should know if you go fishing.

* If you want to catch fish or baitfish, use shrimp (live if you want it to be fresher and better) and cut it up into bite size pieces.

* I recommend Pier 60 in Clearwater, Florida.

What a day!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

just so you know

just so you know, I only post important fishing trips or fishing trips where I catch fish.

Thanks for reading!

Back At Santa Monica

Today I am back in Los Angeles and I went fishing at Santa Monica pier. My Safta (grandmother), Doda (aunt) Sharon, my sister, my brother, and I wanted to fish so we rigged our fishing pole and we were on our way! Once we got there, since we had no bait, we bought shrimp at the bait and tackle shop. I baited it and dropped it in the water. While we were waiting for a bite, Danielle, my sister and Doda Sharon went on the rides while Jacob, my brother, Safta, and I stayed and waited. Soon after they left I felt a bite! I let Jacob reel it in a little bit but I did the rest. It was a fun fight but I finally caught it! it was a Lizardfish! We told Doda Sharon and Danielle and we took pictures. Then I went fishing with only Doda sharon but sadly we didn't catch anything. We ended the fishing trip by going on rides. This was a fun day.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fishing in Maligne Lake at Jasper National Park, Canada

Today I went fishing with Zaide and an awesome guide named Pete in Maligne Lake, which is in Jasper, Canada!

In the morning, Pete came to pick Zaide and me up from the hotel we were staying at and, on the way there, on the side of the road, I saw 2 caribou! Once we got there and everything was set, we put out the boat. (The boat was a canoe with an electric moter because you are not allowed to use engine moters on the lake).

The lake was beautiful!
It had glaciers and mountains in the back, the sides were green trees and on one tree I saw two Bald Eagles! I turned out to be using fly rod and fly reel while trolling with a normal lure. I had a blue lure and Zaide had a yellow lure but they were the same type. Then, I caught a fish! It was a brook trout! I have a list of fish that I want to and will catch, even if it takes until I'm grown up (so stay tuned for a long time) and "any kind of trout" was on the list! Now I can cross "any kind of trout" off my list!

The fish was big! Soon after that, I caught another fish! It was another brook trout! Because the fish were biting my blue lure, we changed Zaide's yellow lure to a blue lure too. After that I caught another brook trout! I was excited but not as excited as the first fish I caught. A few minutes after, Zaide finally caught a fish! It was also a brook trout! He was about how excited I was when I caught that first trout! Not much later, I caught the last fish of the day, another brook trout!

After that we took a break, ate some lunch and cruised around. Other people told me that when you're fishing in Maligne Lake, the fish bite in the morning and the evening but at lunch they don't. I wanted to see if that was true, and sadly, it was.

When time was up, Pete dropped us off at a different dock and he went back to the dock where we started from. And if you are reading this, Pete, then I say "Hey, Pete! Thanks for all your help!"

Monday, May 27, 2013

Fishing with Joe

Today I finally went fishing again and I am planning another trip next week.  Yesterday at a wedding in Cherry Hill, Bubbie and Zadie's neighbor Joe, who also took me on my first fishing trip and introduced me to fishing, told me he had time to go when I had time, so that is why I got excited and almost got no sleep last night.  I brought some "magic" worms to fish with.  I started the trip at 8am and caught a small bream.  I was really excited and it gave me a good feeling about this trip.  I put on another worm and soon enough I caught another bream.  Next I tried the spinner lure.  I saw a school of bass so I cast near there.  I didn't get a bite but I kept on trying.  Last, I tried using the worm lure.  It was hard to do so Joe showed me how to do it. While he was doing it he felt a bite and gave it to me.  It was a strong fight but I pulled it in.  It was a huge large mouth bass!  After that I tried to see if I could catch another fish but time ran out and I had to leave at 9am. I had a great fishing day!  Thank you, Joe!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fishing with Ethan and Adam

Today I went fishing with my friends Ethan and Adam, near Ethan's house.  At the beginning, we took a short drive to the place we were going to fish.  We set up our rods and reels and we put on some bait, which was silversides, squid and live shrimp.  Not long after we started, we began catching fish.  Ethan and Adam both caught jacks.  Then, Ethan's brother Zac caught a grunt.  We were fishing for a long time after that without catching anything - until I had a bite!  It was fighting hard but I managed to catch it.  It was a jack!  Later on, Zac and Ethan both caught puffers.

We were running out of bait, so Ethan's dad said that the next fish anybody would catch, we would use as bait.  Then Adam caught a grunt, but he forgot that we would use it as bait, and he accidentally let it go.  Shortly after, Ethan caught his last fish, a grunt, which we used as bait.  Using the grunt as bait, I caught a jack.  In the end, Ethan caught 4 fish, I caught 3, and Adam and Zac caught 2 each.

It was a lot of fun fishing with my friends and I can't wait to do it again!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fishing at Haulover Park Marina

Today I went fishing at Haulover Park right next to the marina that I went on with my friends for my party.  At the beginning of the day, it was very windy.  I saw 16 fish swarming after my bait but they never bit the hook.  I got my hook stuck a few times and I broke the line.  I went to say Hi to Alex and show him my fishing supplies and he said how strong my rod and reel were and he even supplied me with more fishing equipment!  I went back to the ledge and the fish kept stealing my bait.  I had a little bit left but finally while I was using Zadie's rod and reel and Zadie was putting on the sinker and hook on my rod, I had a bite!  The fish was tugging hard but I caught it!  It was a Slippery Dick, a type of parrot fish!  I unhooked it and I threw it back.  I tried to catch at least one more fish but they didn't bite.  After that I went kite flying and when I got out of the car, I found a worm bait and a dime! I had fun flying a kite.  When we were done with kite flying, I went to see if the Mucho K was still there.  It wasn't there but a hook on the floor was!  I picked it up and I went home.  What a day!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Fishing on the Mucho K

For a few months now, I have been looking forward to taking some of my friends on a fishing boat for my birthday.  I looked at a LOT of websites to see which boat I wanted to go on.  Finally, I chose the Kelley Fleet, which docks in Haulover Marina.  I met with the captain's mate, Alex, and he is such a great guy, that he even let me catch the biggest fish I ever caught! It was a 40 pound tarpon! That is why I decided to choose his boat, the Mucho K.

This morning, some of my best friends - Eitan, Ethan, Adam, Boris and Zach - met me at the dock, and together with Dad and Zaide we were on our way!

It was really windy and the boat was rocking A LOT but we still had fun fishing!  We were using ballyhoo as bait so we were going for kingfish.  Not long after we started, I had a bite!  I was reeling it in as fast as I could, wondering what I caught.  When I pulled it up, I was excited to see that I had caught a 6 pound kingfish!  It turns out that this was the only fish anyone in my group caught today.    Even though we didn't catch any more fish, it was still a lot of fun to be out with my friends.  And like Alex said, the name of the game isn't "catching," it's "fishing."  :)

The only bad part of the trip was that two of my friends got sea sick, because of all the rocking.  I felt bad for them, but they were all better by the time we were heading back to the dock.  You can see in the pictures, we all had a great time!