Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A New Fishing Friend

Today I am back in Los Angeles and I went fishing with Safta at the Santa Monica Pier. At the start of day, fishing was slow. I felt like there were a few bites on my line, but it was only my hook that got stuck between rocks. The rocks actually broke my line and I lost my only sinker. Then, I was lucky enough to stand near a nice man named Randy. He was kind enough to offer me squid and a new sinker. As he helped me bait my hook, he told Safta to get the camera ready and soon enough I felt a bite. I starting reeling the fish in and Holy Mackerel, it was Mackerel, a big fat colorful one too! That type of Mackerel seemed to be the most popular catch of the day. Take a look at the picture below.

The fishing tips that I learned and can share with you today are the following:
  • At a pier, you should use a light sinker
  • Use squid as bait if you want to catch Mackerel, but not King Mackerel (aka Kingfish), they are deep sea fish that like Ballyhoo
THANK YOU RANDY for all your help!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

One Fish Wonder

Today I went fishing on the queen fleet in Clearwater again. Though, the fishing was way more slow. When I got to the ship it was really hot and I had to wait long because of traffic. It was probably hot because it was a cloudy day. Then we got to the stop. Barely any people caught fish. It was like that for a long time. In the middle of the trip, the first mate, Logan, went down to fix the anchor. How ironic was it that it happens every three months. Every THREE MONTHS! During the 30 minute wait, the drinks were on the house to make up for it. After drift fishing for a while, I had a fish on the line! Since Jacob was very excited, I called him over to help me reel it in. It was a grunt! We didn't catch any more fish today so I guess I was a one fish wonder for the day. Even though my family and I didn't catch more than one fish, we had a good day.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fishing with Daniel and Dod Shlome

Just as I told you in the last post, this trip was amazing. I went across the street with Dod Shlome, my older friend Daniel, and Jacob. Today I used raw chicken. I suggest you use it too. We started with me catching a fish! I dropped it in and immediately, I felt tugs and a bite! What a good way to start the day. Next Dod Shlome caught a fish it was a puffer fish! Soon enough everyone caught a fish. Daniel caught a poisonous rockfish, Dod Shlome caught a puffer, I caught a French Grunt, and Jacob caught a puffer. Then there was a huge fat puffer fish and we were all racing to catch it. Turns out Daniel was the first person to catch it. Though, that wasn't the only fat puffer there was. I caught different one! Next Dod Shlome caught a few puffer fish, a rockfish, and a grunt with just line, hooks, and bait with no rod. He called it the Shlome rod.  Jacob caught the last few fish and they were a puffer, a        pinfish, and a redfish. What a day and remember raw chicken is another good bait option.

the pictures have me, Dod Shlome and Jacob

Friday, April 18, 2014

Fishing with Dod Shlome

Today I went fishing across the street With my Dod (uncle) Shlome and Jacob.

I have always wanted to fish with him, even though he sadly didn't catch a fish. It was a bit cloudy and we used squid as bait. At the beginning, I caught a fish but that was it. Well, at least we felt and saw (The water is shallow) lots of tugs to raise our hopes. The next post will be tomorrow and I think it will be better.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fishing with Jacob and his Friend

Today, I went on a fishing trip with Jacob and his friend and his friend's dad. We only caught two fish today. A Porgy and a Lizardfish. We fished under the Broad Causeway in North Biscayne Bay. Though, I learned a lot more facts about fishing than how many fish I caught. Today I learned that if you are using live pilchards, you have to hook it in its back, but if you want to troll with it, you have to hook it up the jaw and through its mouth. I also learned that some of the biggest saltwater fish near shore are at drops in the sea bottom. You can find these drops when the water is at around 40-60 feet deep. I hope you use these facts!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My 100th Fish

Today, I caught my 100th fish! I will always remember this day! After school and homework, I went across the street with Jacob, Danielle, and Doda (aunt) Annette. The first fish caught was a redfish by Danielle. In a matter of minutes, Jacob and I caught a puffer fish! That really got me motivated towards my 100th fish! Next Doda Annette caught a small grunt! Next, I caught a puffer fish! My 99th fish! Right after, I dropped my bait in the water, and immediately, a fish bit my hook! I reeled it in! my 100th fish! It was a Tomtate! I was waiting so long for catching my 100th fish! Next, I just gave the pole to Jacob so I could cool down after catching 100 fish. Jacob caught about 4 puffers and Doda Annette caught 2 fish! She caught a puffer and a red drum. What a way to catch 100 fish :)!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Birthday Trip

Today was a great day for fishing! It was sunny all day. Today started by waking up by 6:30. I got on Sea Legs III, and set out. It was my birthday trip! For a long time, no fish was biting. But finally, Doda Annette and I caught one! Make that two! They were a red snapper and a Whitebone Porgy (as opposed to the Jolthead Porgy, which I had caught before)! I couldn't believe it! Later on, we caught a lane snapper that I kept. That's what I call a snapper day!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Puffer Trip

Today I took my whole family fishing across the street. we came because my mom wanted to catch puffer fish. It was a very fun day. once we got there, my brother and I caught a fish! it was a puffer fish. my mom finally got to see the puffer fish! Since then nobody caught a fish. Finally, I caught a grunt to end the day. We had an awesome day. I hope we have family fishing day everyday. Not sure my parents would like that, but a boy can dream.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Fishing Day 2

Today I went fishing for the first time 2 days in a row.  Some people were fortunate and some were not. The day went like this: Zaide, Jacob, Danielle, and I went across the street again to go fishing. At first, I caught a puffer at the same time as Zaide and Jacob. It was a cool way to start the day and it got us excited. Danielle wanted to catch a fish so I baited her hook with squid and gave her the pole. While that happened, Zaide somehow caught a grunt without bait! Soon after, I caught a red drum to end the day. Danielle was pretty mad that she didn't catch a fish but every fisherman (or fisherwoman) doesn't always catch fish. Today was a great day!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fishing With Danielle

 Today was a great day for fishing! Danielle, my sister, Jacob, Zaide, and I went fishing across the street. We cut up squid and baited it on our hooks.  In almost an instant, the fish were nibbling! they kept on tossing the bait. Finally,  a puffer fish came and bit the hook! If you ask me, that fish was really strong. I got to haul up the fish! I was super excited that I got to land a fish.

   Next Jacob was feeling nibbles. Then suddenly,  a huge fish was on his line! he reeled it in and it was a grunt! Jacob caught his fourth fish ever and was super excited. Now Danielle, who has always wanted to be on this blog wanted to catch a fish. I gave my fishing pole and baited hook to her and she dropped the bait and the fish started nibbling. Right away a puffer fish bit her hook! she got to reel in her 3rd fish! (She caught a huge catfish and a puffer before this trip.) Danielle baited her hook quickly and dropped it in the water. About 10 minutes passed and Danielle got bored. She said "I'll never catch a fish" right when a huge pinfish, at least the biggest I've ever seen raced in and bit the hook!

  She gave the rod to me and I got in on the dock! It was a huge one! I was so happy that I got to bring it up! You would think that a fish like that would take all of the bait. Right? well it actually left a little piece left so I re baited the leftover piece and dropped it in the water. I didn't even have to wait! A red drum came and took the bait! I wish it was stronger, but hey, it's a fish! Later, Jacob caught a puffer fish and unfortunately, it was the last fish of the day, but I got to catch fish plus, I got to see an angelfish, a school of small fish, and a tarpon bigger than me swim by. Today was an awesome day to fish and just so you know, squid is also one of the best baits to use.