Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My 100th Fish

Today, I caught my 100th fish! I will always remember this day! After school and homework, I went across the street with Jacob, Danielle, and Doda (aunt) Annette. The first fish caught was a redfish by Danielle. In a matter of minutes, Jacob and I caught a puffer fish! That really got me motivated towards my 100th fish! Next Doda Annette caught a small grunt! Next, I caught a puffer fish! My 99th fish! Right after, I dropped my bait in the water, and immediately, a fish bit my hook! I reeled it in! my 100th fish! It was a Tomtate! I was waiting so long for catching my 100th fish! Next, I just gave the pole to Jacob so I could cool down after catching 100 fish. Jacob caught about 4 puffers and Doda Annette caught 2 fish! She caught a puffer and a red drum. What a way to catch 100 fish :)!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Birthday Trip

Today was a great day for fishing! It was sunny all day. Today started by waking up by 6:30. I got on Sea Legs III, and set out. It was my birthday trip! For a long time, no fish was biting. But finally, Doda Annette and I caught one! Make that two! They were a red snapper and a Whitebone Porgy (as opposed to the Jolthead Porgy, which I had caught before)! I couldn't believe it! Later on, we caught a lane snapper that I kept. That's what I call a snapper day!