Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fishing in Maligne Lake at Jasper National Park, Canada

Today I went fishing with Zaide and an awesome guide named Pete in Maligne Lake, which is in Jasper, Canada!

In the morning, Pete came to pick Zaide and me up from the hotel we were staying at and, on the way there, on the side of the road, I saw 2 caribou! Once we got there and everything was set, we put out the boat. (The boat was a canoe with an electric moter because you are not allowed to use engine moters on the lake).

The lake was beautiful!
It had glaciers and mountains in the back, the sides were green trees and on one tree I saw two Bald Eagles! I turned out to be using fly rod and fly reel while trolling with a normal lure. I had a blue lure and Zaide had a yellow lure but they were the same type. Then, I caught a fish! It was a brook trout! I have a list of fish that I want to and will catch, even if it takes until I'm grown up (so stay tuned for a long time) and "any kind of trout" was on the list! Now I can cross "any kind of trout" off my list!

The fish was big! Soon after that, I caught another fish! It was another brook trout! Because the fish were biting my blue lure, we changed Zaide's yellow lure to a blue lure too. After that I caught another brook trout! I was excited but not as excited as the first fish I caught. A few minutes after, Zaide finally caught a fish! It was also a brook trout! He was about how excited I was when I caught that first trout! Not much later, I caught the last fish of the day, another brook trout!

After that we took a break, ate some lunch and cruised around. Other people told me that when you're fishing in Maligne Lake, the fish bite in the morning and the evening but at lunch they don't. I wanted to see if that was true, and sadly, it was.

When time was up, Pete dropped us off at a different dock and he went back to the dock where we started from. And if you are reading this, Pete, then I say "Hey, Pete! Thanks for all your help!"

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