Monday, December 21, 2015

Fishing at East Greynolds Park

Now I am back to fishing. Zaide came to stay here in Miami, "The fishing capitol of the world," and I thought that we could go fishing. I was looking at a few places to fish near me and I finally found East Greynolds Park at the bottom left of Maule Lake and the start of Oleta River. I researched the fish there and saw that there were lots of fish there that I would like to catch. We cut up hot dogs and chicken and head out in the car with three rods, hooks, sinkers, pliers, scissors, a knife, and more fishing supplies that all helped me. Once we got there we got onto the small pier and started fishing. For the first hour, we didn't catch any fish. We only felt a few nibbles. The second hour, though, we started to get some bites. At first, I was feeling a lot of bites and the bait was being tugged on a lot. I started to reel in, and I saw that it was an amberjack! That is one of the fish on my list of fishing goals and fish that I want to catch sometime in my life. I was reeling it in, and I brought it over the side! I caught it! That's a fish that I can take off my list! But, before I could take a picture, the fish fell off the hook as I brought it up. Later, Zaide called me over while he was fishing. I turned around, and he said that he had a huge, heavy fish. I went over to him to see if it was a rock, as both our hooks and sinkers have been stuck in and/or taken away by the rocks there. I started reeling in, and Instantly, I felt an extremely heavy tug on the line! I was reeling it a little bit to see if it was rocks, but it wasn't! I saw the line moving, and I started to reel in as hard and fast as I could. I brought it up so high that I could see it and it hit the dock, making it an official catch in the IGFA fishing rules. Now I wanted to just bring it up and catch it. I was reeling it in, but it went under the dock and loosened the hook by the tension on the knot. I saw it enough to know that It was a Crevally,  another fish that I can cross off my list. The next fish that I caught was a lookdown. It’s a member of the Crevally family and is similar to a pompano or permit, another fish I and other people caught. The last fish of the day was when Jacob caught an Oyster Toadfish. I got it on the hook, and then he brought it up! This was a fun day of fishing that I had planned a week ago.

My tips and tricks for today are:

  • Research for good fishing places near you to go fishing. It might be your next favorite spot!
  • Learn about the fish that you want to catch before you set out to catch them so you can use the right techniques and bait.
  • Make sure that you have all of the right useful supplies before you set out.

Here is some of the footage of my trip.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hook Test

Today, I went to test out a new set of different swivels and sizes of hooks after recently getting a lot of them. I went out to see what would working what ways. I haven't been fishing in a while and I really wanted to, and my brother also wanted to fish with me. Two days ago, I finally planned out a really fun fishing trip across the street from my house. This morning, I got my rods and new hooks together and hooked the up. Then, once I got my bait cut up and ready to put on the hook, I crossed the street and started a really fun fishing trip. On one rod, I used a pretty small hook and a slightly larger one on the other rod. My bait was cut up raw chicken and cut up raw hot dogs. The sinkers I used were big and small slip-shot sinkers. Once we started fishing, I used the hot dog with the larger hook. Almost instantly, A fish took the bait about 5 feet away! I had a fish! I was pulling it in as hard as I can for a battle that lasted 3 minutes while I was scared of it taking away the bait and hook. After a fight that seemed to last forever, I finally brought it up. It was a type of pinfish! Soon after, I threw it back in the water and tried out the super small hook. A whole bunch of small fish came to nibble at the bait, and I knew that the one good thing about little fish nibbling at your bait is the fact that they bring bigger fish to check it out. Out of nowhere, an Oyster Toadfish that was disguising in the sand and seaweed from the bottom came up and snatched the bait! I brought it up and... I caught it! It was really cool how it was so camouflaged in the sea weed. I set my bigger hook up this time to give to Jacob, who came with me to fish. He was waiting and waiting for a fish to come, and he was happy to actually have a puffer bite the hook! He was reeling and reeling until he caught it! The first puffer of the day! Once we got the fish up, it was shaking and wiggling total the hook and itself of the line in the water. What's really cool about fish is that they heal very fast and can remove the hook due to water corrosion, shaking the hook, and/or growing and shedding it in a matter of hours or days. Because we had no hook on the rod, I used one of the biggest hooks I have. It was as big as about half of my thumb. It worked just as I thought it would, as I got a puffer and pinfish to start out with it! Then, Jacob thought of using the chicken and hot dog on the same hook. I thought that was a great idea so I told Jacob to try it out. It was in the water, and about two puffers went right up to it. It took time to eat them both as they are both together mouthfuls for a puffer fish. But, Jacob got the fish on the hook and started to reel it in. It was one of the biggest puffers I have ever seen! he was reeling and reeling and fighting and fighting. He got it out and caught the fish! That's two puffers for Jacob. Once I got the rod, I tried putting on the chicken and hot dogs together on the same hook just like Jacob. At first, two puffers were nibbling at the bait. But then, suddenly, a huge fish that Jacob and I saw earlier was going up and took a huge bite of the bait! I was reeling in as hard as I could but it got very far away from me then took the bait and hook away. At least I had an extra set of hooks! I got to catch more puffers, and then called it a day. Jacob and I had a lot of fun catching fish and also seeing a stingray and multiple barracudas checking our baits out. Maybe today was not the day to catch them, but I know that another day will! Here is the overview of hooks and baits for different fish. Just so you know, I used hooks and sinkers mostly from the Rapala Rigging Set in Target.

very small hook: pinfish with hot dog and oyster toadfish with chicken
small hook: Puffer with chicken
bigger hook: Puffer with hot dog, Pinfish with hot dog, Big fish (mystery) with hot dog and chicken, 2 more puffers both with chicken and hot dogs

Again, sorry for keeping you waiting and more trips are being planned.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fishing at Orange Lake

I was at Orange Lake resort in Orlando, when Jacob, Daddy, and I decided to go to one of the lakes to fish at in the afternoon, and I ended up feeling happy I did. We had such a fun day in the pool and playing tennis, that by the time I was going to rent the pole, I was running to make it before the shop closed. Luckily, we made it in time and I got to rent the rods. We went to buy hot dogs at a store nearby because you couldn't buy it at the time in the small shop. Then we went to the lake. Once we got there, we noticed an alligator. It was really cool to see and we were interested in how it swam and what it ate. I also thought the fish would be biting today because another thing I saw once I got there was a small frog swimming very fast in the water. I wondered why it was doing that until a fish came and ate it in one bite. That gave me a good feeling! I was all ready to catch fish, but as I was casting and waiting, I was getting bored because I wasn't catching anything, and Jacob and Daddy were working together to try to get the small fish near the shore to bite, but that didn't work. Then Barry, someone else who was fishing there, gave me a tip. He said to hold the line against the rod after the cast. He said that you would feel the fish biting more. So, I tried it, and not very long after, I actually felt the bite! I was reeling in as fat as I could, very excited to catch it, and then.....
I lost it.
I was annoyed, but still determined to catch it. I set my bait up again and cast it out. After a minute, I felt a strong tug! I was reeling in this time thinking, "I've got it in the bag now!" But, yet again, It got away after a long, hard fight. This happened about 2 more times until I knew their strategy. Don't reel in too fast. Let the fish swim a little bit. So I cast out again, and sure enough I felt a bite! I using my strategy against the fish's, and it worked! I caught a catfish for the first time! Barry showed me how to unhook catfish. He said to be aware of the sharp, razerblade-like fins. I also realized to be aware of it's mouth because it bit Barry. On my next cast, I caught another catfish! I was very proud of my self, all thanks to Barry. As we were going to go, Barry helped Jacob catch a catfish too! That was one fun day, and I'm not sure what we would have done if Barry wasn't there.


1. You should hold the line against the rod to feel the bite more.
2. Don't risk losing the fish by reeling in too fast. Give it a little line.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fishing with Austen and Davis

Today I went fishing with two of my friends, Austen and Davis. We met up at Austen's house/dock. Davis started to use his net to catch a lot of little fish, shrimp, and crabs in the floating sargassum. Meanwhile, I was fixing up some fishing poles and put on some bait. We used hot dogs, which were stable and heavy enough to fish with. When we dropped the bait in the water, fish such as puffer fish, grunts, and a big blue striped snapper instantly came and nibbled the bait. We weren't really catching anything, but Austen and I had bites, but they got off. We figured out that the best spot was a certain place next to the boat. I went there, and not long after, I had the "blue striper" on my hook! I was reeling it in, and it touched the dock! I caught it! But as I was trying to bring it up, It's weight and strength bit the hook off. At least I caught it! That turned out to be the only fish caught with a pole that day, but Davis caught a whole bunch of shrimp, some crabs, and cool fish. I hope to fish with Austen and Davis again soon. Stay tuned!

These are some of the fish and other creatures caught with the net.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fishing With Boris

Today I went fishing with my friend, Boris.  We went across
the street with Jacob, to catch some fish.  Our bait was raw chicken, and we
ended up catching lots of fish.  We were off to a good start, when Boris caught
two fish almost instantly!  They were an Oyster Toadfish (we called them sand fish) and a grunt.  By then, I was
ready to catch some fish.  I ended up catching another sand fish!  Once I hooked
the fish it was trying hard to get the hook out, but it didn't work.  After I
tossed it back into the water, I was impressed by how it blended in perfectly
with the weeds at the bottom of the canal.  Then, Boris was eager to catch a
puffer fish, which had kept on taking his bait.    We went next to the dock, to
where we called, "The Sweet Spot," because that's where we had caught all of the
fish so far today.  A lot of fish came swarming around the bait, but then a big
pufferfish came and bit the hook!  We reeled it in and caught it!  Boris was
really excited and proud.  I was really excited and proud for him.  The last
fish of the day was another puffer, caught by Boris.  After that, we went back
to the house, which ended our trip.  This was a fun day, and I look forward to
fishing with Boris again.  

Stay tuned, more posts coming soon!
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fishing With Julian

     Today, I went fishing with my friend, Julian. Julian and I have always wanted to go fishing together and he has never gone before. We only caught one fish this day, but it was still fun. Julian Daddy, Danielle, Jacob, and I went across the street, ready and eager to fish.
         We used Chicken nuggets at first, and that is what we used when we caught the only fish of the day. It was a grunt! The rest of the time, we tried and got nibbles, but no fish. We tried using hot dogs, (raw and old is best) but that didn't work either.

Stay tuned! More posts coming soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Yes! My no fishing streak is over! I am very sorry for not fishing and updating the blog, but I was busy. But now, It's over! I went fishing and it was so fun! Today I went on a boat that I have never been on before..... THE REWARD FLEET. Doda (aunt) Annette left at 9:00 AM and unlike other boats, It only took a matter of minutes to get out on the ocean. Once we arrived at the fishing spot, people were catching fish but we weren't. we didn't catch a fish until we got to the next stop. one we got there, It wasn't that long before we caught a Porgy! By then we were motivated, but fishing was still slow. We had been to many spots without catching any fish. But soon enough, we were catching fish left and right. I had now decided to use a plug, a ballyhoo that has it's head and tail come off but only the fin-looking part of the tail because the part next to it is hard and stable so when you hook it there it won't fall off. The plug really helped. Since then, we had caught three snappers (we kept two) a sandtile fish, and a bright red fish that had ink. We also caught another snapper even though we didn't bring it up because it touched the boat. The IGFA fishing rules state that if the fish touches the boat or dock that you are fishing on, you get credit for the catch. That was one fun day!

                            LET'S REVEW

  • Plugs are ballyhoos thats head and tail are cut off but only the fin part of the tail because the part next to it is stable and when you hook it there it won't fall off.
  • The IGFA fishing rules say that if the fish touches the structure that you are fishing on, you get credit for the catch.
  • The Reward Fleet is awesome, and you can choose a plug squid, or a full Ballyhoo as bait. It leaves from Miami Beach at 9:00AM and 1:00PM daily, and have 8:00PM trips on wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.