Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fishing on Pier 60 at Clearwater

    Clearwater was outstanding!  Seriously outstanding!  This year I went to Tampa and Clearwater again but this time with my mom and my dad. I went back to the Dali Museum again, and even saw new exhibits!  If you go to Tampa, Clearwater, or St.Petersburg, I highly recommend The Dali Museum.

Since we couldn't find a party boat because all of them were getting used for something, we went to a pier at the Clearwater Marina called Pier 60.  I wanted to go on a boat because I thought that what USUALLY happens is boats give you more chances to catch fish.  Turns out, that doesn't have to be true.

     Once I got to the pier, I rented a pole with two hooks and bought live shrimp so the bait would be fresher.  A volunteer there, Tom, told me to cut the heads and tails off the shrimp, and cut the meat pieces into small bite sizes. I did what he said and put pieces on both my hooks and dropped the line into the water.  Right away the fish were nibbling!  I got a bite and I reeled it in.  I caught a jack!  I was happy that I got to catch at least one fish.  I re-baited my hooks and dropped the line back in the water.  I suddenly felt nibbling and and a strong tug!  I finally got it out of the water to realize I HAD 2 FISH ON THE HOOKS!  They were both pinfish!




    For the next three hours, it continued like that. I was amazed, confused, and excited. Fish after fish after fish!  Then I felt a strong fish on my line!  I was trying to bring it up and I did!  It was a blue runner! After three hours, I had caught 29 fish, and I had run out of shrimp.  I hoped to catch one more to make 30, so Tom gave me some pieces of squid.

   Unfortunately, I didn't catch number 30.  But still, I was so happy to have caught 29 fish!  That equals 40 fish in Clearwater!  Eleven last year on the Queen Fleet and 29 this year at Pier 60.  What was funny was that until today, the most fish I caught in a day was the 11 on the Queen Fleet - which is also in Clearwater!

So these are the tips and tricks I think you should know if you go fishing.

* If you want to catch fish or baitfish, use shrimp (live if you want it to be fresher and better) and cut it up into bite size pieces.

* I recommend Pier 60 in Clearwater, Florida.

What a day!