Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fishing at Orange Lake

I was at Orange Lake resort in Orlando, when Jacob, Daddy, and I decided to go to one of the lakes to fish at in the afternoon, and I ended up feeling happy I did. We had such a fun day in the pool and playing tennis, that by the time I was going to rent the pole, I was running to make it before the shop closed. Luckily, we made it in time and I got to rent the rods. We went to buy hot dogs at a store nearby because you couldn't buy it at the time in the small shop. Then we went to the lake. Once we got there, we noticed an alligator. It was really cool to see and we were interested in how it swam and what it ate. I also thought the fish would be biting today because another thing I saw once I got there was a small frog swimming very fast in the water. I wondered why it was doing that until a fish came and ate it in one bite. That gave me a good feeling! I was all ready to catch fish, but as I was casting and waiting, I was getting bored because I wasn't catching anything, and Jacob and Daddy were working together to try to get the small fish near the shore to bite, but that didn't work. Then Barry, someone else who was fishing there, gave me a tip. He said to hold the line against the rod after the cast. He said that you would feel the fish biting more. So, I tried it, and not very long after, I actually felt the bite! I was reeling in as fat as I could, very excited to catch it, and then.....
I lost it.
I was annoyed, but still determined to catch it. I set my bait up again and cast it out. After a minute, I felt a strong tug! I was reeling in this time thinking, "I've got it in the bag now!" But, yet again, It got away after a long, hard fight. This happened about 2 more times until I knew their strategy. Don't reel in too fast. Let the fish swim a little bit. So I cast out again, and sure enough I felt a bite! I using my strategy against the fish's, and it worked! I caught a catfish for the first time! Barry showed me how to unhook catfish. He said to be aware of the sharp, razerblade-like fins. I also realized to be aware of it's mouth because it bit Barry. On my next cast, I caught another catfish! I was very proud of my self, all thanks to Barry. As we were going to go, Barry helped Jacob catch a catfish too! That was one fun day, and I'm not sure what we would have done if Barry wasn't there.


1. You should hold the line against the rod to feel the bite more.
2. Don't risk losing the fish by reeling in too fast. Give it a little line.