Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fishing with Austen and Davis

Today I went fishing with two of my friends, Austen and Davis. We met up at Austen's house/dock. Davis started to use his net to catch a lot of little fish, shrimp, and crabs in the floating sargassum. Meanwhile, I was fixing up some fishing poles and put on some bait. We used hot dogs, which were stable and heavy enough to fish with. When we dropped the bait in the water, fish such as puffer fish, grunts, and a big blue striped snapper instantly came and nibbled the bait. We weren't really catching anything, but Austen and I had bites, but they got off. We figured out that the best spot was a certain place next to the boat. I went there, and not long after, I had the "blue striper" on my hook! I was reeling it in, and it touched the dock! I caught it! But as I was trying to bring it up, It's weight and strength bit the hook off. At least I caught it! That turned out to be the only fish caught with a pole that day, but Davis caught a whole bunch of shrimp, some crabs, and cool fish. I hope to fish with Austen and Davis again soon. Stay tuned!

These are some of the fish and other creatures caught with the net.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fishing With Boris

Today I went fishing with my friend, Boris.  We went across
the street with Jacob, to catch some fish.  Our bait was raw chicken, and we
ended up catching lots of fish.  We were off to a good start, when Boris caught
two fish almost instantly!  They were an Oyster Toadfish (we called them sand fish) and a grunt.  By then, I was
ready to catch some fish.  I ended up catching another sand fish!  Once I hooked
the fish it was trying hard to get the hook out, but it didn't work.  After I
tossed it back into the water, I was impressed by how it blended in perfectly
with the weeds at the bottom of the canal.  Then, Boris was eager to catch a
puffer fish, which had kept on taking his bait.    We went next to the dock, to
where we called, "The Sweet Spot," because that's where we had caught all of the
fish so far today.  A lot of fish came swarming around the bait, but then a big
pufferfish came and bit the hook!  We reeled it in and caught it!  Boris was
really excited and proud.  I was really excited and proud for him.  The last
fish of the day was another puffer, caught by Boris.  After that, we went back
to the house, which ended our trip.  This was a fun day, and I look forward to
fishing with Boris again.  

Stay tuned, more posts coming soon!
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fishing With Julian

     Today, I went fishing with my friend, Julian. Julian and I have always wanted to go fishing together and he has never gone before. We only caught one fish this day, but it was still fun. Julian Daddy, Danielle, Jacob, and I went across the street, ready and eager to fish.
         We used Chicken nuggets at first, and that is what we used when we caught the only fish of the day. It was a grunt! The rest of the time, we tried and got nibbles, but no fish. We tried using hot dogs, (raw and old is best) but that didn't work either.

Stay tuned! More posts coming soon!