Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fishing with Ethan and Adam

Today I went fishing with my friends Ethan and Adam, near Ethan's house.  At the beginning, we took a short drive to the place we were going to fish.  We set up our rods and reels and we put on some bait, which was silversides, squid and live shrimp.  Not long after we started, we began catching fish.  Ethan and Adam both caught jacks.  Then, Ethan's brother Zac caught a grunt.  We were fishing for a long time after that without catching anything - until I had a bite!  It was fighting hard but I managed to catch it.  It was a jack!  Later on, Zac and Ethan both caught puffers.

We were running out of bait, so Ethan's dad said that the next fish anybody would catch, we would use as bait.  Then Adam caught a grunt, but he forgot that we would use it as bait, and he accidentally let it go.  Shortly after, Ethan caught his last fish, a grunt, which we used as bait.  Using the grunt as bait, I caught a jack.  In the end, Ethan caught 4 fish, I caught 3, and Adam and Zac caught 2 each.

It was a lot of fun fishing with my friends and I can't wait to do it again!


  1. Dear Josh,
    I love your blog! I also grew up fishing with my father and grandfather. We used to go fishing from Miami Beach, Haulover and the Everglades. Have you ever gone fishing in the Everglades? I am enjoying reading about all of your adventures. Ms. Taub

    1. Hello, it's me Josh! I have gone fishing in Miami Beach and Haulover but not the Everglades as you see on my blog. See you in Fourth Grade!

  2. Good job, Josh! I've been trying to get my son to go fishing; but even though both his dad and I have been showing him how fun it is, he just wouldn't join in. Maybe because he doesn't see much boys his age engaged in the sport? Well, that should change now after reading your blog. I hope you continue to love the sport and learn more about fishing. Good luck! Bernita Sloan

  3. Hey, It's me, Josh. I will definitely keep on fishing and I hope your son gets hooked on fishing and if he does, I just know he'll love to do it!