Sunday, January 6, 2019

Just Puffers

There’s not much to say about this trip. Jacob and I decided to use the leftover frozen shrimp from the trip to Dania Pier in the saltwater canal across the street. We were hoping for Mangrove Snappers, but they refused to bite. I ended up catching 2 Puffers and my brother caught 3. The circle hook, as always, were easy to use. When a fish bites, just apply pressure to set the hook in the corner of the mouth. The puffers, as usual, went straight for anything that went in the water. We only fished for about an hour. It was a nice, breezy day in the 60s-70s temperature-wise.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Slow Day on the Dania Pier

This trip to the Dania Pier was a rather slow one. My grandfather, brother, and I started off by heading to Angler’s Bait and Tackle, where we bought pretty big shrimp for bait. When we first got to the pier, we realized that it was very windy, and that not much was caught by anyone else on the pier. I did catch a fish after a while, but it was a Scrawled Cowfish.  A fish is a fish, and we were on the board. After about another 45 minutes, we reeled in a Redtail Parrotfish on a size 2 circle hook. We did not catch anything but those two fish for the first two hours. Just as we were preparing to leave, we decided to fish at the end of the pier because we saw that some fish were being caught there. We dropped the shrimp and instantly felt hard bites. 2 fish were caught there. We both caught a Lane Snapper and Jacob, my brother, caught a Doctorfish, which is a type of tang. We left on the day with 4 fish, 3 of which I got credit for and 3 of which Jacob got credit for. Overall, a pretty slow day for fishing, and the wind didn’t help. But, in the end, we did end up with a few fish brought onto the deck.