Monday, October 10, 2011

Beach Fishing in Florida.


I went beach fishing for the first time in my life. I know its possible because I have seen videos on youtube of people catching sharks and other fish. I begged my mom to go fishing at the beach because I thought it would be a good idea. I came close to catching a few fish. It was a struggle and unfortunately I didn't catch anything that day. I can tell they were big so I am definately going to try next time!


The date for this fishing trip should be switched with the one of Beach Fishing Revenge. This is my first trip of Beach/Surf fishing

Fishing in Cherry Hill!

I went to visit my Bubbie and Zaide (Grandmother and Grandfather) in Cherry Hill this fall. We visited a lake at Daddy's old camp. I remember going boating there once. This time I planned on catching fish. To prepare for this trip, I gathered up worms from the backyard the night before. We headed out to the lake and set up our gear. We baited our hooks and we were ready to go.

On our first cast, I felt a nibble on the bobber, but the fish didn't quite bite. Instead, it stole the bait and left me with just the hook. I reeled it in and rebaited the hook. This happened several times and then finally...I felt a bite and I struggled to catch it. While it was pulling and trying to swim away. I was able to reel it in. It was a beautiful breem!

I was really excited after I caught the bream and prepared my next cast. I baited my hook again and plopped it into the water. I waited 1 minute and then I felt a tug. I reeled it in. A HUGE fish emerged from the water. It was largemouth bass! I had high hopes in catching this fish. It popped its head out of the water, but because the fish was so large and heavy it dropped back into the lake. The line broke and the fish swam away. (See video below)