Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fishing on Chasin Finz

        Today, I went fishing with Shlome, my uncle,  on the Charter Chasin Finz with Captain Josh on a half day trip out of Hollywood. It was a really fun trip and Captain Josh was a great help.

        We started off the day waking up at 6 AM. We got ready and anxiously drove to the dock, wondering what we would catch. A bit after we got there, Captain Josh arrived. It was cool of him to still take us out even though he didn't have the mate and he had to set up all by himself. The boat was pretty big and very  comfortable. On the way out, he let us drive the boat, which was pretty interesting. On the trolling lines there were divers, which are used to keep the trolling lines deeper than staying at the surface.

        After a little bit, we hooked onto a fish. I hurried down the ladder and started reeling in the line on the right side of the ship. When I brought the diver all the way to the rod tip, Captain Josh brought in the rest by hand. It was a Cero Mackerel! A great way to start off the day. We put it in the cooler and put the rebated hook back behind the boat to start trolling again.

        After a little while, we had another bite. I got to the rod, and started to reel in. It was heavy. Captain Josh had told us on the way to the spot that we should reel them in at a steady pace. I was not reeling it in so steadily, so I told Shlome to take over for me. He reeled in until the diver came and Captain Josh brought in the rest. It was a Blackfin Tuna! A beautiful fish. To catch any kind of Tuna was on my fishing bucket list, and now I can cross it off!

        Unfortunately, we didn't catch any fish after that. We circled around a drop off, and even had a bite, but we didn't bring anything else up. If we had a full day, we would probably have caught more.

        When we got home, Shlome and I fried the Mackerel and seared the Tuna. This trip was great and we will definitely fish on Chasin Finz again.