Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fishing with Daniel and Dod Shlome

Just as I told you in the last post, this trip was amazing. I went across the street with Dod Shlome, my older friend Daniel, and Jacob. Today I used raw chicken. I suggest you use it too. We started with me catching a fish! I dropped it in and immediately, I felt tugs and a bite! What a good way to start the day. Next Dod Shlome caught a fish it was a puffer fish! Soon enough everyone caught a fish. Daniel caught a poisonous rockfish, Dod Shlome caught a puffer, I caught a French Grunt, and Jacob caught a puffer. Then there was a huge fat puffer fish and we were all racing to catch it. Turns out Daniel was the first person to catch it. Though, that wasn't the only fat puffer there was. I caught different one! Next Dod Shlome caught a few puffer fish, a rockfish, and a grunt with just line, hooks, and bait with no rod. He called it the Shlome rod.  Jacob caught the last few fish and they were a puffer, a        pinfish, and a redfish. What a day and remember raw chicken is another good bait option.

the pictures have me, Dod Shlome and Jacob

Friday, April 18, 2014

Fishing with Dod Shlome

Today I went fishing across the street With my Dod (uncle) Shlome and Jacob.

I have always wanted to fish with him, even though he sadly didn't catch a fish. It was a bit cloudy and we used squid as bait. At the beginning, I caught a fish but that was it. Well, at least we felt and saw (The water is shallow) lots of tugs to raise our hopes. The next post will be tomorrow and I think it will be better.