Monday, February 18, 2013

Fishing on the Mucho K

For a few months now, I have been looking forward to taking some of my friends on a fishing boat for my birthday.  I looked at a LOT of websites to see which boat I wanted to go on.  Finally, I chose the Kelley Fleet, which docks in Haulover Marina.  I met with the captain's mate, Alex, and he is such a great guy, that he even let me catch the biggest fish I ever caught! It was a 40 pound tarpon! That is why I decided to choose his boat, the Mucho K.

This morning, some of my best friends - Eitan, Ethan, Adam, Boris and Zach - met me at the dock, and together with Dad and Zaide we were on our way!

It was really windy and the boat was rocking A LOT but we still had fun fishing!  We were using ballyhoo as bait so we were going for kingfish.  Not long after we started, I had a bite!  I was reeling it in as fast as I could, wondering what I caught.  When I pulled it up, I was excited to see that I had caught a 6 pound kingfish!  It turns out that this was the only fish anyone in my group caught today.    Even though we didn't catch any more fish, it was still a lot of fun to be out with my friends.  And like Alex said, the name of the game isn't "catching," it's "fishing."  :)

The only bad part of the trip was that two of my friends got sea sick, because of all the rocking.  I felt bad for them, but they were all better by the time we were heading back to the dock.  You can see in the pictures, we all had a great time!