Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Oleta River State Park Fishing

I was planning to go fishing with Zadie, and I chose today to be a good one to set out. That morning, I was getting ready, but I saw tat it was cloudy outside. I didn’t like how gloomy it was outside, but I guess I had to fish with it. Hey, I can still catch fish! I brought chicken as bait. Someone recommended to me that I use garlic with my chicken when I fish, so I put garlic powder in it and mixed them up. 

We went to park at Oleta River State Park to give it yet another try. When I got to the pier, I saw someone with five poles and a lot of live shrimp for bait. That is a good method of fishing, especially from docks and piers. Someday soon, I will try it and see if it works for me. I brought my spinning reel and Ugly Stick rod to fish with chicken and garlic. I started to cast and wait for a fish.

Fishing was very slow today. I didn’t catch fish for a while, and nor did anyone else. The gloomy weather made it worse. I started to think that I wouldn’t catch a fish today, when I started to feel a bite soon after I casted! I started to reel in, but it got away. I now knew that there was a hungry fish, and I knew where it was. I told Zadie to get ready for a fish, and I cast in the same place again, I waited for about a minute, until a fish bit the baiting was hooked! I reeled in and stopped at the right times too. I had to stop it from going under the dock to prevent the line snapping or the hook sliding off the line. I dragged It away and I brought it up! It was a Porgy! My first fish at Oleta! It was a very big one too.

The rest of fishing today had no more excitement and it started to rain. We had to pack up and leave to avoid the rain. It was a fun trip, and I am happy that I caught a fish. It was good to try a new fishing method too.

Here are the tips and tricks from today’s fishing trip:

  • Garlic adds smell to chicken when using it as bait
  • A gloomy day doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t catch a fish
  • If you are fishing in a place with a lot of fish, try using many rods at once (remember, I will use this method sometime soon)