Monday, May 27, 2013

Fishing with Joe

Today I finally went fishing again and I am planning another trip next week.  Yesterday at a wedding in Cherry Hill, Bubbie and Zadie's neighbor Joe, who also took me on my first fishing trip and introduced me to fishing, told me he had time to go when I had time, so that is why I got excited and almost got no sleep last night.  I brought some "magic" worms to fish with.  I started the trip at 8am and caught a small bream.  I was really excited and it gave me a good feeling about this trip.  I put on another worm and soon enough I caught another bream.  Next I tried the spinner lure.  I saw a school of bass so I cast near there.  I didn't get a bite but I kept on trying.  Last, I tried using the worm lure.  It was hard to do so Joe showed me how to do it. While he was doing it he felt a bite and gave it to me.  It was a strong fight but I pulled it in.  It was a huge large mouth bass!  After that I tried to see if I could catch another fish but time ran out and I had to leave at 9am. I had a great fishing day!  Thank you, Joe!

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