Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fishing at Haulover Park Marina

Today I went fishing at Haulover Park right next to the marina that I went on with my friends for my party.  At the beginning of the day, it was very windy.  I saw 16 fish swarming after my bait but they never bit the hook.  I got my hook stuck a few times and I broke the line.  I went to say Hi to Alex and show him my fishing supplies and he said how strong my rod and reel were and he even supplied me with more fishing equipment!  I went back to the ledge and the fish kept stealing my bait.  I had a little bit left but finally while I was using Zadie's rod and reel and Zadie was putting on the sinker and hook on my rod, I had a bite!  The fish was tugging hard but I caught it!  It was a Slippery Dick, a type of parrot fish!  I unhooked it and I threw it back.  I tried to catch at least one more fish but they didn't bite.  After that I went kite flying and when I got out of the car, I found a worm bait and a dime! I had fun flying a kite.  When we were done with kite flying, I went to see if the Mucho K was still there.  It wasn't there but a hook on the floor was!  I picked it up and I went home.  What a day!

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