Monday, January 15, 2018

Live Shrimp Fishing

I haven't caught a fish since summer, and so it was cool to get back to fishing, especially with a type of bait that I don't use so often, live shrimp. We got live shrimp at around 2 from a place in north east Miami, Arky's Live Bait. It is a great bait shop and it sells lots of good supplies including aerators and different types of baits. I then went across the street form my house to the canal connected to Biscayne Bay and went fishing with my brother, Jacob. On the first drop, Jacob had hooked on to a fish. His rod was bending and he fought it for a little bit until he brought it up. It was a big Yellowfin Mojarra! We measured it and we found that it was 14 inches! I don't have a picture of the measurement of the scale because I was rushing to dehook the fish as it was out of the water for a while. 14 inches is a big Yellowfin Mojarra, so I regret not doing so. After that, I caught a puffer fish, which I was trying to avoid because of its big, sharp teeth that have even cut my hooks. Surpringly, it was easy to dehook. The last fish of the day was a Mangrove snapper. It started to rain, so we went in. Even though it was sunny before and during most of the fishing trip, I am not surprised because of the unpredictability of Florida's weather. This was a good, fun day of fishing, and I was glad to get back at it again. The canal is best at high tide, so next time I will try to fish at the right time. Tight lines.