Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fishing on Thanksgiving.

Today was a special day not only because of turkey, but more because of FISH! I went fishing with Uncle Sonny again at the bay behind his house. It was Thanksgiving and all my cousins and friends came. We were able to fish before we ate and we caught so many fish. My other Uncle Benny and cousin Nathan brought shrimp for bait.  Uncle Sonny showed me a cool trick. He tied two hooks on one line. We were able to catch twice as many fish! First, I caught a puffer fish and then a couple of pin fish. We went inside and had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Later on, when it got dark we went night fishing and it was my first time. I caught another pin fish and everyone else caught them too. There were dozens at the bay that night. I have so much to be thankful for this year. I have a wonderful family and I'm lucky because they love to fish. Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Beach Fishing in Florida.


I went beach fishing for the first time in my life. I know its possible because I have seen videos on youtube of people catching sharks and other fish. I begged my mom to go fishing at the beach because I thought it would be a good idea. I came close to catching a few fish. It was a struggle and unfortunately I didn't catch anything that day. I can tell they were big so I am definately going to try next time!


The date for this fishing trip should be switched with the one of Beach Fishing Revenge. This is my first trip of Beach/Surf fishing

Fishing in Cherry Hill!

I went to visit my Bubbie and Zaide (Grandmother and Grandfather) in Cherry Hill this fall. We visited a lake at Daddy's old camp. I remember going boating there once. This time I planned on catching fish. To prepare for this trip, I gathered up worms from the backyard the night before. We headed out to the lake and set up our gear. We baited our hooks and we were ready to go.

On our first cast, I felt a nibble on the bobber, but the fish didn't quite bite. Instead, it stole the bait and left me with just the hook. I reeled it in and rebaited the hook. This happened several times and then finally...I felt a bite and I struggled to catch it. While it was pulling and trying to swim away. I was able to reel it in. It was a beautiful breem!

I was really excited after I caught the bream and prepared my next cast. I baited my hook again and plopped it into the water. I waited 1 minute and then I felt a tug. I reeled it in. A HUGE fish emerged from the water. It was largemouth bass! I had high hopes in catching this fish. It popped its head out of the water, but because the fish was so large and heavy it dropped back into the lake. The line broke and the fish swam away. (See video below)


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Santa Monica Pier

I'm on vacation in Los Angeles, California and my favorite place to fish is at the Santa Monica Pier. There is a fishing and bait shop at the end of the pier that has poles you could rent for $4 an hour. The bait is frozen and you can choose from mussels, anchovies, shrimp, or squid. They give you a pail and a towel too.

I met a friendly fisherman named "Steve" and he gave me some helpful tips and tricks about baiting my hook and lures. He was so nice that he even gave me one of his rigs. I used it and I was fighting to catch two mackerels, but they got away.

TIP: You can get a 2 for 1 hour coupon at the bait shop for renting poles.

The Santa Monica pier is fun also because it has tons of rides. I went on a really cool scrambler ride and a swaying pirate boat. I love the ferris wheel. You can see the ocean from way up in the sky. After all that, I got hungry and I ate pizza, fries, and for dessert I got dippin' dots!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beach Fishing Revenge!

I went beach fishing again and I wanted to catch a fish or even fight one.That day, it was not so windy. It was only a little bit windy. On my first cast, I caught nothing but seaweed and that had happend a bunch of times until... I had a shark on the hook I struggled to catch it but the line broke then I got really disappointed, but I did have something better than last time. I met someone there named Moe. He helped me out and gave me some tips and tricks on how to cast on the beach and which lures to use. I used one that was plastic, wiggly, and clear. It looks like a fish swimming along the coastline. I did;t catch anything this time, but I will one day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Catching a BASS at the Santa Monica Pier!

Today, I caught a sea bass! I woke up really early to get to the Santa Monica Pier. I yelled out to everyone "I'm going fishing!" I took my fishing rod and bought some shrimp for bait. I made sure to put my bait on the hook properly. Then, I casted my rod and the hook plopped into the water. I waited several minutes and sure enough the rod bended over the side. My aunt, who I was fishing with, asked, "Is it supposed to be doing that?" I yelled, "There's a fish! Fish on!" I felt a strong tug on my fishing rod. I pushed back and forth and pushed and pulled until.....I caught it! A great BASS!!

This is not my first or last time fishing. Stay tuned because I am planning another fishing trip real soon...

(It's a shame the picture was taken at a bad angle of the fish. It was actually a really nice Calico Bass)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Puffer Fish on the Hook!

I was anticipating this fishing expedition and waited for 6 days. It was my 2nd time going to fish. My uncle, an avid fisherman, took me to the dock where he usually goes to fish. I went to Biscayne Bay, Florida. I had high hopes in catching a fish. All of a sudden it started to drizzle. I thought it might rain, but that wouldn't have stopped me from trying to catch a fish. I threw bits of bread into the water to entice the fish, but not many came around and still I was on a mission, determined to catch fish. I wanted to use shrimp for bait, but there weren't any left. I had to use squid. I tested it first. My uncle helped me cast my baited hook and it was a success.  I caught a small redfish, which I knew how to identify because of my research. It’s a shame that I didn’t get a picture for this one, but it was because the camera was inside the house. It stopped drizzling after that and I felt like it was a good sign. Later, I decided to use the squid again. I threw my newly baited hook into the bay and felt a tug and reeled in a puffer fish. On the next cast, I caught another one! Two puffer fish and a redfish in one day. I was happy and felt it was a great fishing day.
(this is my second puffer)