About Me

Hi, I'm Josh! I love fishing and I am 19 years old. I have been fishing for 13 years. My first fishing trip was so fun. Since then, I've been hooked! I read many books and articles on the computer daily. I do my research on different kinds of fish, lures, baits, and techniques because I like to know what I catch and how to catch certain fish. My goal is to go fishing in as many different places and methods as possible throughout my life. Many fishermen only fish a certain way and method, and my goal is to not only master one part of fishing, but to master all sorts of methods and types of fishing. I believe that all fish, and their fights, have value and I appreciate every catch. After all, every fish contributes to the ecosystem in their own special way, and puts up a fun fight that keeps you from getting skunked! One of my favorite things about fishing is that you get to appreciate nature and your surroundings more when fishing. Fishing teaches you about the fish, their behavior, and the environment. Another thing I like about fishing is that everyone in the fishing community has a story and fishes in their own special way. I want to share my experiences, tips, and tricks that I have learned so that more and more people can learn to fish and appreciate the sport. I love to fish because each time I learn something new and it is always a great experience. As long as I have fun and learn a few things, the trip is worth it. Remember, it is called fishing, not catching. I also have a list of fishing bucket list that has fish that I want to and will catch sometime in my life! Other than fishing, I like to play and watch almost every sport, travel, hike, read maps, listen to music, and explore nature. Stay tuned to read my personal log of every fish I have ever caught!