Sunday, June 2, 2019

A Slow Day at North Bayshore Park

Today was another slow day of fishing. School’s out, so my brother and I decided to fish at the pier near our house, at Willam Lehman Park. We first went to get live shrimp as bait, then we went to the pier. It was extreme low tide, and there was a little current off the pier. First we started to fish in the lagoon, where I caught a needlefish by letting it swallow the shrimp on the surface. Jacob hooked a small Barracuda, but it spit the hook shortly after. Then we decided to head over to the main part of the pier. There, Jacob caught a Mangrove Snapper and I caught two. Again, we casted into the sandy holes a few feet away from the pier itself to catch them. Those fish would be the only ones we caught today, however there was another bite I had at the main pier. I cared out and let out some line so that there would be a good amount of slack. When the line straightened out, I would know that a fish was on. One time, bout 3 seconds after I casted out, a fish took the bait and ran with it. I set the hook, but a few seconds later the fish came off. I reeled up the rest of the line only to find the hook missing. I’m pretty sure it was a Barracuda that bit through the line. Predatory fish like Barracudas and Mackerels are known for sometimes biting through the line before the fisherman has a chance to fight it. We finished the day having fished for about 2 hours, me having caught 3 fish and Jacob having caught 2.