Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pinfish Day

Today Jacob, Danielle, and I went across the street to the canal to go fishing. We used shrimp and chicken for bait. We caught lots of fish today, especially pinfish. First, Jacob dropped his line in the water, and sure enough, a pinfish bit the hook immediately. That was the first catch of the day! Next, I caught pinfish with chicken and so did Dani. I decided to put a whole shrimp on my hook to try to bring a swarm of fish. It worked, and a school of pinfish and mangrove snappers surrounded the bait. Then I felt a tug. I reeled in, and it was a mangrove snapper, the only one of the day! We caught some more pinfish, until Dani had a needle fish on. It was really fast! Dani and I pulled it in, and we caught it! Our first needlefish! Unfortunately, once we brought it up, it fell off the hook so I could not get any pictures. At the end of the day, We had caught 11 fish in total, Dani had 5 fish, all pinfish and the needle fish with me, Jacob had 4 fish, all pinfish, and I had three fish, a pinfish, mangrove snapper, and the needlefish that Dani and I caught together. Stay tuned! More posts coming soon!

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