Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ocala Fishing

For this trip I am with my friends up in Ocala national forest in north-central Florida. We are on a trip to visit salt springs, and go fish while we are there. We went fishing with pepperoni at a grass area on the banks of a river flowing into Lake George. At first, we were using plastic lures. We were not getting any bites, so I threw in a piece of pepperoni to see if the fish would bite that. The water was very clear but had lots of shadows. After about 5 minutes of staring carefully at the pepperoni, I saw it jerk from side to side. "The fish are here and they are eating the pepperoni!" I told Davis to cut off the soft plastic and to bring me a hook. I tied it on and put on the pepperoni. Davis told me the right place to cast, according to where the fish are. I cast it out, and waited. The fish were starting to bite. Davis told me to be patient and not to try to set the hook. I was getting anxious. Finally, the bobber went down. Fish on! We helped each other reel it in. We caught it! A nice sunfish! Soon, my friend Cody had a big tug on his plastic bait! It was a bass! He tried to reel it in, but the shoal bass got off the hook. Later, the same thing happened. That was it for the day, but we had a fun time catching the sunfish and fighting the shoal bass.
Stay tuned! More fishing trips, tips, and tricks coming soon!

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