Monday, December 21, 2015

Fishing at East Greynolds Park

Now I am back to fishing. Zaide came to stay here in Miami, "The fishing capitol of the world," and I thought that we could go fishing. I was looking at a few places to fish near me and I finally found East Greynolds Park at the bottom left of Maule Lake and the start of Oleta River. I researched the fish there and saw that there were lots of fish there that I would like to catch. We cut up hot dogs and chicken and head out in the car with three rods, hooks, sinkers, pliers, scissors, a knife, and more fishing supplies that all helped me. Once we got there we got onto the small pier and started fishing. For the first hour, we didn't catch any fish. We only felt a few nibbles. The second hour, though, we started to get some bites. At first, I was feeling a lot of bites and the bait was being tugged on a lot. I started to reel in, and I saw that it was an amberjack! That is one of the fish on my list of fishing goals and fish that I want to catch sometime in my life. I was reeling it in, and I brought it over the side! I caught it! That's a fish that I can take off my list! But, before I could take a picture, the fish fell off the hook as I brought it up. Later, Zaide called me over while he was fishing. I turned around, and he said that he had a huge, heavy fish. I went over to him to see if it was a rock, as both our hooks and sinkers have been stuck in and/or taken away by the rocks there. I started reeling in, and Instantly, I felt an extremely heavy tug on the line! I was reeling it a little bit to see if it was rocks, but it wasn't! I saw the line moving, and I started to reel in as hard and fast as I could. I brought it up so high that I could see it and it hit the dock, making it an official catch in the IGFA fishing rules. Now I wanted to just bring it up and catch it. I was reeling it in, but it went under the dock and loosened the hook by the tension on the knot. I saw it enough to know that It was a Crevally,  another fish that I can cross off my list. The next fish that I caught was a lookdown. It’s a member of the Crevally family and is similar to a pompano or permit, another fish I and other people caught. The last fish of the day was when Jacob caught an Oyster Toadfish. I got it on the hook, and then he brought it up! This was a fun day of fishing that I had planned a week ago.

My tips and tricks for today are:

  • Research for good fishing places near you to go fishing. It might be your next favorite spot!
  • Learn about the fish that you want to catch before you set out to catch them so you can use the right techniques and bait.
  • Make sure that you have all of the right useful supplies before you set out.

Here is some of the footage of my trip.


  1. sorry for the small bit of pictures. I was very busy with getting hooks and sinkers and bait on and didn't have much time to take pictures until the end.

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