Saturday, January 16, 2016

Fishing Race

Today, Was a great day to go fishing here in Miami, the fishing capital of the world. In winter, the fish are still out because it is not cold at all as the temperature ranges from 85-65 degrees outside with a nice breeze. It also doesn't rain as much, giving me more chances to fish! Today, I realized that it was one of those great days to go fishing. I set out across the street to see what fish my brother, Zaide, and I could catch. At first, we used hot dogs. Soon enough, we started to catch fish. My brother, Jacob called out that he had a fish! He brought it up. It was an Oyster Toadfish! I went over to his area and started to fish there. Fish like Toadfish often make a hideout on the floor or disguise themselves in the sand. After a while of waiting, some puffers came and was checking our bait out. Jacob and I both wanted to catch the fish, but it kept on stealing the bait. We declared it a fishing race! Who was going to catch it first? I didn't know because it kept on stealing the bait. I was starting to think that we might go home with the race to be continued. But then, I remembered that I also brought chicken! Chicken is harder, thicker, and more difficult for the fish to get it out of it's mouth. I put the chicken on my hook and into the water and watched what the puffers would do. Just then, a huge puffer, one of the biggest puffers I have ever seen, snatched the bait in one bite! Because the chicken is very thick and big, as I said before, it was staying in it's mouth for a while. I pulled up on the rod to set the hook, and THE FISH WAS ON! I was reeling in as hard and fast as I can, thinking about how I would win the race if I catch it. I brought it up, and I caught it! A huge puffer to win the race! I let it go and called it a day. That was an amazing day for fishing!

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