Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hook Test

Today, I went to test out a new set of different swivels and sizes of hooks after recently getting a lot of them. I went out to see what would working what ways. I haven't been fishing in a while and I really wanted to, and my brother also wanted to fish with me. Two days ago, I finally planned out a really fun fishing trip across the street from my house. This morning, I got my rods and new hooks together and hooked the up. Then, once I got my bait cut up and ready to put on the hook, I crossed the street and started a really fun fishing trip. On one rod, I used a pretty small hook and a slightly larger one on the other rod. My bait was cut up raw chicken and cut up raw hot dogs. The sinkers I used were big and small slip-shot sinkers. Once we started fishing, I used the hot dog with the larger hook. Almost instantly, A fish took the bait about 5 feet away! I had a fish! I was pulling it in as hard as I can for a battle that lasted 3 minutes while I was scared of it taking away the bait and hook. After a fight that seemed to last forever, I finally brought it up. It was a type of pinfish! Soon after, I threw it back in the water and tried out the super small hook. A whole bunch of small fish came to nibble at the bait, and I knew that the one good thing about little fish nibbling at your bait is the fact that they bring bigger fish to check it out. Out of nowhere, an Oyster Toadfish that was disguising in the sand and seaweed from the bottom came up and snatched the bait! I brought it up and... I caught it! It was really cool how it was so camouflaged in the sea weed. I set my bigger hook up this time to give to Jacob, who came with me to fish. He was waiting and waiting for a fish to come, and he was happy to actually have a puffer bite the hook! He was reeling and reeling until he caught it! The first puffer of the day! Once we got the fish up, it was shaking and wiggling total the hook and itself of the line in the water. What's really cool about fish is that they heal very fast and can remove the hook due to water corrosion, shaking the hook, and/or growing and shedding it in a matter of hours or days. Because we had no hook on the rod, I used one of the biggest hooks I have. It was as big as about half of my thumb. It worked just as I thought it would, as I got a puffer and pinfish to start out with it! Then, Jacob thought of using the chicken and hot dog on the same hook. I thought that was a great idea so I told Jacob to try it out. It was in the water, and about two puffers went right up to it. It took time to eat them both as they are both together mouthfuls for a puffer fish. But, Jacob got the fish on the hook and started to reel it in. It was one of the biggest puffers I have ever seen! he was reeling and reeling and fighting and fighting. He got it out and caught the fish! That's two puffers for Jacob. Once I got the rod, I tried putting on the chicken and hot dogs together on the same hook just like Jacob. At first, two puffers were nibbling at the bait. But then, suddenly, a huge fish that Jacob and I saw earlier was going up and took a huge bite of the bait! I was reeling in as hard as I could but it got very far away from me then took the bait and hook away. At least I had an extra set of hooks! I got to catch more puffers, and then called it a day. Jacob and I had a lot of fun catching fish and also seeing a stingray and multiple barracudas checking our baits out. Maybe today was not the day to catch them, but I know that another day will! Here is the overview of hooks and baits for different fish. Just so you know, I used hooks and sinkers mostly from the Rapala Rigging Set in Target.

very small hook: pinfish with hot dog and oyster toadfish with chicken
small hook: Puffer with chicken
bigger hook: Puffer with hot dog, Pinfish with hot dog, Big fish (mystery) with hot dog and chicken, 2 more puffers both with chicken and hot dogs

Again, sorry for keeping you waiting and more trips are being planned.

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