Sunday, May 25, 2014

One Fish Wonder

Today I went fishing on the queen fleet in Clearwater again. Though, the fishing was way more slow. When I got to the ship it was really hot and I had to wait long because of traffic. It was probably hot because it was a cloudy day. Then we got to the stop. Barely any people caught fish. It was like that for a long time. In the middle of the trip, the first mate, Logan, went down to fix the anchor. How ironic was it that it happens every three months. Every THREE MONTHS! During the 30 minute wait, the drinks were on the house to make up for it. After drift fishing for a while, I had a fish on the line! Since Jacob was very excited, I called him over to help me reel it in. It was a grunt! We didn't catch any more fish today so I guess I was a one fish wonder for the day. Even though my family and I didn't catch more than one fish, we had a good day.


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