Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A New Fishing Friend

Today I am back in Los Angeles and I went fishing with Safta at the Santa Monica Pier. At the start of day, fishing was slow. I felt like there were a few bites on my line, but it was only my hook that got stuck between rocks. The rocks actually broke my line and I lost my only sinker. Then, I was lucky enough to stand near a nice man named Randy. He was kind enough to offer me squid and a new sinker. As he helped me bait my hook, he told Safta to get the camera ready and soon enough I felt a bite. I starting reeling the fish in and Holy Mackerel, it was Mackerel, a big fat colorful one too! That type of Mackerel seemed to be the most popular catch of the day. Take a look at the picture below.

The fishing tips that I learned and can share with you today are the following:
  • At a pier, you should use a light sinker
  • Use squid as bait if you want to catch Mackerel, but not King Mackerel (aka Kingfish), they are deep sea fish that like Ballyhoo
THANK YOU RANDY for all your help!!!


  1. Very Informative! Thanks for the great tips.

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  3. Holy mackerel, indeed! While Randy was a great help to you, it's always a good idea to bring some spare lures and lines, just in case those rocks and other floating debris get in the way. Many fishing trips have been ruined by broken fishing lines and such. Thanks for sharing your tips, and I hope you have more fun fishing trips in the future!

    Kathleen Gardner @ Bid2Fish