Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fishing With Danielle

 Today was a great day for fishing! Danielle, my sister, Jacob, Zaide, and I went fishing across the street. We cut up squid and baited it on our hooks.  In almost an instant, the fish were nibbling! they kept on tossing the bait. Finally,  a puffer fish came and bit the hook! If you ask me, that fish was really strong. I got to haul up the fish! I was super excited that I got to land a fish.

   Next Jacob was feeling nibbles. Then suddenly,  a huge fish was on his line! he reeled it in and it was a grunt! Jacob caught his fourth fish ever and was super excited. Now Danielle, who has always wanted to be on this blog wanted to catch a fish. I gave my fishing pole and baited hook to her and she dropped the bait and the fish started nibbling. Right away a puffer fish bit her hook! she got to reel in her 3rd fish! (She caught a huge catfish and a puffer before this trip.) Danielle baited her hook quickly and dropped it in the water. About 10 minutes passed and Danielle got bored. She said "I'll never catch a fish" right when a huge pinfish, at least the biggest I've ever seen raced in and bit the hook!

  She gave the rod to me and I got in on the dock! It was a huge one! I was so happy that I got to bring it up! You would think that a fish like that would take all of the bait. Right? well it actually left a little piece left so I re baited the leftover piece and dropped it in the water. I didn't even have to wait! A red drum came and took the bait! I wish it was stronger, but hey, it's a fish! Later, Jacob caught a puffer fish and unfortunately, it was the last fish of the day, but I got to catch fish plus, I got to see an angelfish, a school of small fish, and a tarpon bigger than me swim by. Today was an awesome day to fish and just so you know, squid is also one of the best baits to use.

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