Tuesday, May 16, 2017

COEP Fishing

This trip was really fun and exciting. In my school, there is a program called COEP. COEP teaches students about the outdoors, reserves and parks, and wildlife. In COEP, we taught 4th graders how to fish in the C-8 canal. We used pieces of bread. I was fishing with two 4th graders. One we got there, I saw numerous fish swimming along the bank of the canal. We mushed the small pieces of bread together so it could be harder and even smaller, perfect to be on the hook with ought falling off. I was teaching them how to set out the bait, when I saw a big sunfish take the bait. The rod started to bend and I told them to reel in. We caught it! It was a nice bluegill! We were all really excited because we had caught a fish right after we started. I showed them how to unhook the fish, and then we rebated the hook. We had 3 split shot sinkers on the line near the small j-hook. We waited a bit more, but the fish wouldn’t come. We were running low on time, and we were becoming anxious to catch another fish. Then, in the nick of time, a big orange Mayan Cichlid came and took the bait. Fish on! We held the rod and reeled in. Teamwork prevailed and we brought it up! We took a picture and then we released it. After that, it was time to go. We were all really happy to have caught 2 fish. Thanks COEP for this awesome opportunity. STAY TUNED. More posts coming soon.

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