Saturday, May 28, 2016

Monster Puffer

Today I went fishing with Austen at his house. I brought over some of my chicken and garlic and hot dogs that I had kept in the freezer for a while now. Once I got there, I saw huge puffers coming toward the bait. Austen started to catch fish first, though, and he caught an Oyster toadfish. I was dropping my hook down hoping to get one of the monster puffers on my line. I tried and tried, but they kept on taking the bait... until that fateful cast. I baited the chicken on the hook tight and got reedit catch the puffer. Just then, The huge puffer came right up and bit the hook! FISH ON! I reeled in as much as I could, but he swam away very far and was putting up a good fight. I reeled in at the right time and way, and I brought it up! I caught it! Those were the only fish we caught today. I saw many mangrove snappers at the dock. I didn't know why they didn't bite the bait or even check it out. I looked up what they eat, and I found out that they eat fresh bait. I had bait that was in the freezer for months and has been taken out for many fishing trips. That is not fresh. I will try to get them with fresh or live bait next time.

Stay tuned! More fishing tips and tricks coming soon!

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