Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fishing with Benji and Jacob

Today, I went fishing across the street with Jacob and Benji. It was cool to be fishing with Benji, my cousin, again as I have not fished with him for a while now and he lives in Calgary, Alberta in Canada, so I do not see him very often. We set out across the street with our fishing rods and used chicken and hot dogs as bait. Once we got there, we started to catch fish! Benji instantly came up with a pinfish! this got us excited and got us ready for the day. We kept on fishing, eager to catch another fish. Then, something weird happened. Sergeant Majors, small, yellow and black striped fish with white heads, that are known for being annoying and stealing bait, came and actually bit Jacob's hook! fish was on! He brought it up and we were very surprised. Soon, Benji caught another fish, an Oyster Toadfish. We saw it come out of it's disguise on the bottom and snag the bait on the hook. He got it! The next, and last fish of the day was yet ANOTHER sergeant major! Maybe they were very hungry today.

That is all for this post. Stay tuned for more interesting fishing trips, tips, and tricks!

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