Friday, December 28, 2012

Fishing on Sea Legs III

Today I went fishing with Zaide and my cousin, Benjamin, who went fishing for his first time.  Once we started the ride, the boat was rocking.  We paid five dollars to enter a tournament to catch the biggest fish.  We didn't win, but we got close.  First Benji and Zaide caught a blue runner.  That was Benji's first fish!  Then, I caught a squirrel fish.  The next stop Benji caught a grunt and I caught another squirrel fish.  The next stop, Benji caught another blue runner and I had a fish that was so heavy that I could berely hold up the rod.  It was a beautiful porkfish.  Next stop, Benji caught a squirrel fish and I had a very strong fish.  When I reeled it up, I saw that there were 2 fish on the line! They were both trigger fish!  Next we went back to shore.  What a fun day!


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