Sunday, November 4, 2012

First time fishing off a boat!

Today I went fishing off a boat for the first time! The boat was called sea legs III. I went with Annette my aunt because she likes fishing with me. At the beginning of the trip I had to rush because I was going to miss the boat but I made it just in time. when I got on the boat,we made some stops but I didn't catch anything. Finally I caught a fish it was called a lane snapper. Next,I dropped my line in the water. I wasn't waiting a long time until I felt another bite. I reeled it up and it was a colorful fish but I don't know what it was called and it was to small.(I usually go catch and release fishing but this time I was keeping.)After I released it my aunt caught a blue runner. Later, I caught 2 lane snappers. I put the squid in the water when my aunt had a fish on her hook. She pulled the line up and it was a porgy! But while I was paying attention to to the porgy, I didn't know that their was a fish on my line so once I figured out that their was a fish on my line I reeled as fast as I could to find out that on both of my hooks(I had two hooks)I had a fish! After I caught that fish I went to another area to go fishing and I waited a little bit of time until a fish bit the hook. I was struggling to catch it but finally I caught it! It was a trigger fish! What I always wanted to catch! When I got back to the dock, I got all the big enough fish to eat and I ended up having 7 fish to eat. They were the porgy and 6 lane snappers. I had them for dinner and they were really good! What a day!

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  1. Impressive haul, young fisherman. Congratulations on catching your first trigger fish!