Friday, July 16, 2021

Bluegills in the Center Of Cherry Hill

  Even though the fishing rod I have in Cherry Hill, New Jersey has served me well over the years, I decided that a new one was necessary. After all, it is old, short, cheap, and it has a baitcaster reel. It is still surprisingly adequate when it comes to fishing itself, but my brother and I figured that another, newer one couldn’t hurt. After all, there were two of us and only one rod.

After buying it and putting line on the reel, Jacob and I went over to the dam at Evans Pond and Wallworth Lake geared with lures and worms. We spent the majority of the morning fishing around the dam with worms, keeping them low at the bottom with sinkers or drifting near lilypads in the current with a sinker. Although we didn’t catch anything near the lilypads, we did get two strikes over the course of the morning. We did, however, catch more fish under the dam. Schools fo fish were on and off, but when they were on, they were really on. We would be able to drop a worm and count on hooking up within a minute. The first fish was caught on the new rod, which worked just fine. Both of us found the spinning reel much easier to use than the bait caster. Perhaps it’s because we’re more familiar with the spinning. By the end, we ended up with about 7 fish total, 4 for me and 3 for Jacob. We had limited time to fish, but it was fun spending the morning catching some at a new lake. At the end I tried casting with a lure but I wasn’t able to get any bass to bite. I may come back to the lake in the future in pursuit of more species of fish.

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