Friday, June 18, 2021

Another Day at Rickenbacker

Today I returned to the Rickenbacker Causeway in Key Biscayne with Davis. We hadn't been fishing in a while due to the tests and work we had at the end of the school year, so we decided to head back out on the water and see what we could catch. We first bought squid at Arky's Bait and Tackle, deviating from our normal choice of live shrimp. We figured that this time we might want to go with the lighter, more easily portable, and durable option as a change. It's June in Miami, meaning the temperature is in the 90s and the humidity, in full force, makes it even more uncomfortable. But when we were fishing, that didn't matter; you've got to just appreciate the environment and have a good time on the water. We started off strong, as I reeled up three straight fish. Two small Bluestriped Grunts and a Porkfish. I began to out fish Davis because I rigged my setup with a smaller hook, and soon after he changed to a hook of similar size, he started hooking up. Davis wasn't able to land any fish, however. Unfortunately we were not able to catch any more fish other than those three at the beginning. We considered using a sabiki rig, and we saw someone to our left catch lots of fish with one, but opted instead to save it for next time. After all, it can take time to set up the rig and tip every small hook with a piece of squid for each drop. Davis took one of my grunts and wisely chose to put it on his heavy rod at one point. We did get a hit, and we set the drag very low. When I was trying to tighten the drag and keep the pressure with the fish as best as I could, it got away. We concluded that the fish was probably a Nurse Shark because of how it dropped the bait and because we saw another fisherman on the pier catch one. Still, it would have been nice to bring it up. Anyways, despite not catching much, Davis and I had fun fishing on the pier (which wasn't too crowded because it was a weekday). That's what fishing is really all about. Good luck and tight lines!

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