Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Dock Fishing

It was Thanksgiving, and so I met up with family once again to eat, watch football, and go fishing! My cousin, Nathan, and my brother and I went over to the dock to cast a few lures in hopes of enticing any fish down there. On the second cast, Nathan casted out by the piling, and reeled in his lure.  During the retrieve, we saw a flash in the water, and the line got tight. Fish on! He reeled in while I grabbed the line and pulled the fish onto the dock. We caught it. A nice Jack to start off the day. The fish were there all day under the dock, but we only managed to catch 2 in about 30 minutes combined fishing. One time, I hooked one at the surface, but it came loose. Another time, Jacob and I brought a fish close to the dock, but it then powered under it and broke us off. We caught the second fish by using a white bucktail jig under the dock to imitate an injured baitfish. Overall, we didn't have much time to fish but it was great to be back at it, especially since I hadn't had the time to fish since August.

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