Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Fishing at North Bayshore Park

For this trip, my brother and I went to the fishing dock at North Bayshore Park in North Miami to catch some fish on live shrimp. After picking 2 dozen up after school at Arky's, we went over to the pier. We started off with the Houndfish on the surface stealing our bait. Since Jacob wanted to catch one, we decided to try snagging them as they bit the bait. Jacob started out catching as he brought a Houndfish over the side of the dock. We ended up catching 3 Houndfish then, the next two coming from Jacob and me. The next two fish to be caught were schoolmasters by Jacob. I decided to check out the bigger left side of the pier. I saw many people fishing there, so I decided to give a few casts into the current by some pilings. I felt a bite that I missed over the 5 or 6 casts I made, but I snagged the bottom every time, too. I was looking around, and I saw a sandy patch a few feet in front of the far right corner of this side of the pier. It looked like it might hold fish, and I would not get snagged. I made a short cast in the patch, and opened the bail. Sure enough, after about half a minute, the line started peeling out. I flipped the bail and set the hook. Fish on! I reeled in a Mangrove Snapper. I used this method to catch 3 more mangroves, too. Meanwhile, over at the right pier, Jacob caught 5 more Houndfish, bringing his total on the day to 7 Houndfish and 2 Schoolmaster. We packed up when we had one last shrimp left, and I brought him over to the right corner of the left pier. I told him where to cast and to leave the bail opened. Soon, he saw the line peel off the reel. He tried to set the hook, but he was too late. luckily, he still had the bait on the hook. He did it again, and this time he caught it. Add a Mangrove to his total. I finished with 4 Mangroves and a Houndfish, Jacob with 7 Houndfish, 2 Schoolmasters, and a Mangrove Snapper. Another fun session at North Bayshore Park, a pier that we had been wanting to try out. Tight lines!

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