Sunday, September 23, 2018

A Nice Day Across the Street

Today, Jacob and I went across the street from our house to fish in the saltwater canal connecting to Biscayne Bay. There were BIG snappers and grunts there, so we were excited to fish for them. Unfortunately, although I keep telling myself not to go back there without shrimp, we had no bait except for hot dogs and we really wanted to fish. We found it hard to entice the fish, and we only caught two. I had finished the day off with a puffer, but Jacob had the biggest catch closer to the beginning of the trip. he had a big Bluestriped Grunt on, and he reeled it up! We measured it at 0.37 kg, or 0.81 lb. Other than that catch, we tried to entice a Barracuda with the shiny spoon from Ft. DeSoto, and it was intrigued, but it just didn't bite. Another interesting day at the canal.

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