Sunday, May 6, 2018

Fishing with Yoav

Today I went fishing with my friend, Yoav. We went to Dania Pier with my dad and brother, too, after playing baseball. It was a rainy day, and as we were driving to the pier, we were doubting whether we should risk being out in the rain. We went to a bait shop, Anglers Bait and Tackle, before fishing to get some live shrimp. The fishing was slow for most of the day, but we did manage to catch two pufferfish, a Porcupine fish and a Striped Burrfish (edit: I did a lot of research after the fact to find that the second fish was a different species), on tipped sabiki rigs. They were Yoav’s first ‘big’ fish and he was excited about that. Nobody was catching any fish on the pier, and I think we were the only ones to do so. Because of this, we were satisfied with 2 puffers on the day. After all, a fish is a fish! This was a fun day taking my friend out fishing. Stay tuned!

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