Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Central Park Fishing

This was a very fun and exciting yet short fishing trip in the center of New York City. On a visit with my family to New York City, we walked through Central Park. When we passed by some of the lakes and reservoirs, I was wondering if I could fish and which types of fish were there. I was looking at the pond until I found something and went to check it out with my brother. At one of the platforms next to the lake, a fisherman was using bread to fish. Before we went over to check it out, we saw him get a bite, hook the fish, and reel it it. It was a catfish. When Jacob and I found our way to the platform, I started talking to the fisherman. The fisherman, who's name is George, was very friendly. He told Jacob and me that he released every fish he caught. He also told us that he liked catching catfish, but he really wanted to catch a Carp. If a Carp bit, it would run with the line. George showed us how he took a piece of bread squished it to make it strong and help it stay on the line, and he would keep the bail locked after casting it but would leave lots of slack. He didn't have a sinker on his line. After a little bit, the line started to tighten up and it became straighter. Jacob and I noticed this and let George know. He set the hook, and Fish on! We reeled it in and caught it. A catfish! Next, we repeated the same routine. It wasn't long before another catfish bit. Again, the hook was set and the fish was brought in. George dehooked the fish and I took a picture before letting it go. By then Jacob and I had to go. Thank you George for giving Jacob and me an awesome fishing trip. Stay tuned! More fishing tips and tricks coming soon.

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