Friday, April 7, 2017

Peacock Bass Fishing

        Here in Miami and all over the world, there are different types of fisherman and fishing methods. Some people specialize in certain types, and fish in that location or way most often. I like to learn and fish every possible method and gamefish. This is a reason why I like to fish: everyone has their way.

        Today I went fishing with my math teacher, Mr. Muhlig. He normally fishes for Largemouth and Peacock Bass in the lakes and canals here in Miami and a bit farther north in Broward County. We both like to fish and I have always wanted to catch a peacock bass; it's on my fishing bucket list. Now is the best time to fish for them because they nest and lay eggs in Spring. When the Peacock Bass are breeding, they are very protective of their eggs. They will bite anything that comes close, even if it's not hungry.

        We went before school on the C-8 Canal. We woke up pretty early to have enough time, but as I like to say, "anything for the fish!" We went to the spot and tied on the lures. We used spinners and a light spinning gear. The spinner was a Mepps Comet 3. Once we got to the spot, we could see a big Peacock Bass guarding its nest.

        Mr. Muhlig told my sister and me to cast out and then reel in gently. We kept on doing this, and sometimes it would try to take the lure. But every time, it would stop just before. Sometimes, it even opened up its mouth. It just wouldn't take it.

        Peacock Bass are not actually bass. They are a type of big cichlid that lives in the Amazon, Hawaii, and South Florida's lakes and canals. They are very well adapted to the hot climate of these places. Peacock Bass are a fun fish to catch, and that is why it was on my list.

        Time was ticking and we only had so much time left to fish. We hadn't caught anything yet, but I had been paying attention to the way the fish worked. If I brought the lure right next to the Peacock Bass, even enough to touch it, the fish would go after it. I cast out with my plan in mind and started to reel in slowly. The spinner came in close to the fish and it went for it. The plan worked! The fish open up its mouth and picked up the spinner. I set the hook and the rod bent. Fish on!

        I kept it on the hook and reeled in at the right time. I hoped that the lure would not come off. I had to walk from one side to the other to keep the fish on. Finally, I brought it up. I caught it! My first Peacock Bass! I can now cross of "Peacock Bass" off of my list of fish I want to catch.

        The fishing trip today was really fun and it taught me a ton about peacock Bass and how to catch them. It was really cool to catch one for the first time! I really appreciate Mr. Muhlig's help and I would like to fish with him again sometime soon.

STAY TUNED! More fishing posts coming soon. Tight lines!

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