Friday, August 19, 2016

The Mangrove Snapper Trip

Today I went fishing with Jacob and Zaide. We went fishing for Mangrove Snapper across the street, but we caught many more fish. We bought shrimp to use because I found out after last time fishing in the saltwater canal next to biscayne bay that they like fresh or live shrimp, not old hot dogs and chicken with garlic. I cut them into pieces and dropped them in the water. I saw a mangrove snapper come and nibble at Jacob's and my bait. It kept on taking the bait away. I cut a smaller piece and tried again. Sure enough, the snapper took my bait. It took off away from me once I hooked it, but I reeled it in. I caught the mangrove snapper. Jacob then was determined to catch a fish. He caught a blue striped grunt, AKA sailor’s choice. We kept on fishing, and Jacob caught another Sailors Choice! I then dropped the shrimp in, and waited. Little fish were nibbling, but nothing big. Out of nowhere, a puffer fish came and bit the hook. I reeled it in and caught it! Jacob finished the day by catching a puffer, too. This was a very fun day to fish, and I am very happy to have fought the mangrove snapper, which always goes away once I put the bait in the water. Stay tuned! Posts coming soon!

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