Saturday, March 26, 2016

No Fish

Today was one of the many days which I did not catch fish, and it stinks that today it snapped the streak of catching at least one fish in the Tampa area. Today I went to go fishing at pier 60, a pier in clearwater on which I caught 29 fish (my record high of fish in a day) last time. I tried small, cut up bits of shrimp and squid like last time, but no fish. No one else was catching fish that day either. Tom, a helpful volunteer, was there, as he is usually, helping everybody who needed it. I asked Tom why people were not catching fish, and he said that it was because of the seasons changing. Now it is spring. Last time I came here, it was Winter. I went on the Queen Fleet twice, one in winter and one in spring, and I caught way more in winter. (I caught 11 fish that day, and that was the record before Pier 60) I suggest to come to fish at winter or maybe summer. I had a fun time even though I did not catch fish, and now I know to find out about the best times to fish according to the seasons and the weather.

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