Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Santa Monica Pier

I'm on vacation in Los Angeles, California and my favorite place to fish is at the Santa Monica Pier. There is a fishing and bait shop at the end of the pier that has poles you could rent for $4 an hour. The bait is frozen and you can choose from mussels, anchovies, shrimp, or squid. They give you a pail and a towel too.

I met a friendly fisherman named "Steve" and he gave me some helpful tips and tricks about baiting my hook and lures. He was so nice that he even gave me one of his rigs. I used it and I was fighting to catch two mackerels, but they got away.

TIP: You can get a 2 for 1 hour coupon at the bait shop for renting poles.

The Santa Monica pier is fun also because it has tons of rides. I went on a really cool scrambler ride and a swaying pirate boat. I love the ferris wheel. You can see the ocean from way up in the sky. After all that, I got hungry and I ate pizza, fries, and for dessert I got dippin' dots!

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